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冥冥 M​í​ng M​í​ng

by otay:onii

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Headless Anchoret
Headless Anchoret thumbnail
Headless Anchoret Coil after coil, ever twisting, bending realities, afterlives, her voice floating in between visions - such beauty in the stillness of ruins. It's a haunting record, and a necessary one.
Lachan Simpson
Lachan Simpson thumbnail
Lachan Simpson Soaring ambient industrial pop music. Favorite track: Blackheart Breakables.
Nadia thumbnail
Nadia One of the most gorgeous works I have heard to this date. Extremely expressive, beautifully constructed and highly emotional. Would love an additional vinyl release. Favorite track: Blackheart Breakables.
leaveseclipse thumbnail
leaveseclipse A brilliant mesh of genres, and one of 2021's best releases so far! Favorite track: Blackheart Breakables.
Andrew  thumbnail
Andrew Industrial Bjork meets Chinese folk music? This album transcends genre descriptions and comparisons and genuinely sounds unlike anything else. Absolutely beautiful. Favorite track: Through Death A Cup of Coffee.
popoopo369 thumbnail
popoopo369 This album strengthens the aesthetic sense.
You want I go You want I go You want I go You want I go You want I go You want I go You want I go You want I go
Child No.22 04:04
身體 Body 住在海邊的一個水桶罐頭 A can lives by the seashore 海浪 Waves 拍打在它莫名的傷口上 The spurs on the anonymous wounds 疼痛 Pain 是一記最響亮的口哨 The loudest whistle there to blow 喚醒 Wakens 孤舟中最真實的祝福 The sincere wish in a lonely canoe 還有 And there 你一直想握的那隻手 The hands you always long to hold 還有 And here 你一直啜泣的那個夢 The dreams you are weeping for 最後 At last 沒有道別地走 A departure without goodbyes
他說 He said 這是一杯咖啡 This is a cup of coffee 只有在越過死亡時才最回味 Tastes the best after stepping over deaths 這是那杯咖啡 This is that cup of coffee 只有在贖罪後感覺最最到位 Reaches the spot after repentance 這是一杯咖啡 This is a cup of coffee 蓋住了喊叫卻無聲的嘴 Covers a silent shouting mouth 這是一杯咖啡 This is a cup of coffee 實在比快樂還要更加昂貴 More precious than happiness there to find 這是一杯咖啡 This is a cup of coffee 淹沒了肚中的一壺壺水 Floods over the boiling pot in your belly 如果你能堅持到下一秒 If you can persist to the next second 就能喝上咖啡一杯 You can enjoy a cup of coffee 但是事與願違太多回 However the wish crushes too many times 不能再次拾起心碎 A lost ability to pick up the broken ones 但是如果你能堅持到下一秒 But if you can persist to the next second 就能喝上咖啡一杯 Come enjoy a cup of coffee 所有無能為力的違背 See, all the choice-less betrayals 在咖啡裡告退 Melting away with sips of coffee
Oh whoever there Have you seen a sub human cry? It hurts It’s ugly as it is Oh whoever there Have you heard a sub human speak? They can’t The mouth’s needled their tongues’ cut The power holder chains their feet The abuse ties their hands The insults pull their prays Away from their remains The rhythms of silence stumbled on their guts Leaves a forever scar I wanna fly (Go back to your original form)
I saw your face sliding Against the window I lean Lean on the shallow I swallow A dream I yet to forgive Who is there to collude you? Who’s gate theirs to keep? Who’s heart took a beaten A glitch cannot delete “Tired of your luxury problems, Have you seen the real hunger? have you seen the other spectrum of oppression? You are part of the oppression to those who are more oppressed. Your superiority had you crossed the border of ambiguous passing, now you have reached the destination of discrimination. Crouching tiger and hidden dragon of a new white age. “ (original form follows)
Isn’t it funny the flying is true now, falling.. Isn’t it funny the mice aren’t home? Isn’t it funny the wants’ are gone? Isn’t it funny the wings are your shackles?
你看見嗎? Can you see it? 那樹上有隻鳥 That bird on the tree 鳥兒飛翔在異鄉 A flip-flaps in a foreign country 又一個烏托邦 的罪狀 A crime scene to an utopian dream 你遐想它 Your reveries 那柔軟的地方 Your soft place to be 也許遙不可及才相好 A goodness obtained through unreachable hands 徒步千行才相忘 A resolution proposed of a thousand steps 可那是不懇切 But slowly dishonesty arrives 是不真的吐言 Beneath a mouth spitting lies 是現實擦亮了你雙眼 Above a reality unfolding the blinds 卻結出不真的果實 Beside a tree growing cuckold fruits
還有多少年 And how many years left to 我還要站在 不公的海邊 stand on the shore of injustice 默默地看一切 A solemn glance 執風掠過山野間來告誡 Short after the wind flits, the warning arrives: 不曾有 Had it not 不將求 Won’t 不折腰 No waist bending gimmicks 不挽留 No possession retaining tricks 慾望的奴隸 No slave for desire 寂寞的同謀 No compliance for loneliness 沈(沉)默的羔羊 No lamb of silence 嫉妒的囚犯吶-- No prisoner of envy— 不願釋放那回憶少年 Not willing to release the youth of memories 好夢 已逐深淺 Fading, it beauts 如風沐浴我 Such the wind baths me 如舟同濟過 Such a boat I passage with 如夢教會做 Such the dream teaches me 如花兒一朵朵 Such flowers to be 如浪起婆娑 Such waves whirl 如朝夕路陌 Such path it narrows 如渺小一般活 If live, live with the trivial 如偉大一起落 If fall, fall with a splendor


▼WV048: Otay:onii - 冥冥 Míng Míng

“冥冥 Míng Míng” is Otay:onii’s second full-length album (after the album “NAG”), each song came out of soul ratcheting stories interrelated through her exploration of the word “冥 Míng”. As she defines it:

“Míng 冥, a Chinese word meaning a place between our world and the other world, where souls wandering around before they take turns to reincarnate. The word consists of a roof on the top, a sun in the middle and the number six on the bottom. Míng Míng 冥冥, which doubles the word and turns the meaning into a state where the inexplicable entanglement of past and future happens, a state where the gap which we describe as present opens the portal of memory in transformation, mutation and sublimation. If you are an angel, but as well as a fly, which of the 3 a-tions will you choose to describe these phenomena? The answer deciphers your 冥冥.”

Electronic, ambient, sound collage or even noise, with a heart to be mindless on the boundaries of all, Otay:onii breaks down structures that chains her neck and feet, aiming to be free on the ride of acute instincts and establishing a bodily connection through the synchronization of the heart and mind. She believes it is through this particular synchronization that people are brought to the bed of honesty, in which a moment of history will be worth looking back and upon, and the light will slip out from this crack within any world of creation reverberating the loudest echos.

Otay:onii (Lane Shi Otayonii) was born in Haining, China, and has recently been a resident of New York and Shanghai. She is also the vocalist of the punk spit heavy shoegaze band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US). Her voice is frequently compared to classics such as Janis Joplin, Björk, Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), and Beth Gibbons (Portishead). Her own talent distinguishes itself from these greats as her own voice delivers a sound that ranges from ghostly ethereal to brutally powerful to chillingly dreamy.

Otay:onii graduated from Berklee College of music in 2016, honored twice with “Laurie Anderson Women in Technology” awards. She has also received many other honors and accolades including a bronze prize for “Best Female Vocalist” from Global Music Awards and “Best Sound” from the Audiovisual Arts Industrial Incubator Awards. She was rebellious while in school, frequently testing the limits of the learning environment and continually questioning the institution’s business model. She said she would “drop out of school if as a foreigner I can stay there without a visa”. Soon after she got the “alien of extraordinary ability” artist visa. She considers the opportunity of getting to know her bandmates and life time friends as the biggest achievement received at school.

Otay:onii (施金豆)出生於浙江海寧,常駐紐約,她同時也是美國噪音朋克/自賞黑金屬Elizabeth Colour Wheel樂隊的主唱。Otay:onii的嗓音,令人聯想到Janis Joplin、Björk、Hope Sandoval(Mazzy Star)或是Beth Gibbons(Portishead)這樣的經典音樂人與樂隊,但與這些音樂史上的經典女聲主唱不同的是,Otay:onii的聲線更為飄逸與詭異,獨樹一幟,令人印象深刻。

Otay:onii於2016年畢業於伯克利音樂學院,曾榮獲兩屆勞瑞·安德森女性科技獎,Global Music Award的最佳女聲銅獎,與Audiovisual Arts Industrial Incubator最佳聲音金獎等。學院派的背景下的她一直與學院環境和理念格格不入,一直認為“如果不是需要學生簽證繼續在美國生活,早就輟學了”。在大學最後一年,她順利地拿到了傑出人才藝術家簽證,而回顧起學校的經歷,她覺得反倒結識了許多音樂夥伴才是最大的收獲。

《冥冥 Míng Míng》是她的第二張個人專輯,每一首曲目都講述了一個關於“冥”的奇妙故事,同時也相互關聯。她是這樣描述正在探索的遨遊的世界的:



“Singer and front-person Lane Shi Otayonii mostly sticks to cleans, but the register of her voice and her off-kilter inflection means the vocal sits above the riff-swirl in a way that never lets you ignore it. And she’s constantly doing weirdshit: sing-song playfulness melts into a jazzy drawl, syllables rolling around her mouth until she finally lets loose with a wail, while the songs beneath go in every direction but straight ahead. At every turn you’re reminded this is something you haven’t heard before.”

- Stereogum

“Nocebo plays like a single epic work, thanks largely to Lane Shi’s vocals. (For a rough approximation, imagine an amalgam of Diamanda Galás, Julie Christmas, PJ Harvey, Judy Garland on the best night of her life and John Motherfucking Coltrane.)”

- Decibel Magazine

“It’s impossible to deny that Lane Shi’s vocal performance is incredibly unique from the off; you could reference Joanna Newsom or Regina Spektor as a vague comparison, but she is tapping into something that’s totally her own on these tracks.”

- Echos and Dust

"Otay:onii’s vocals here are retro and dusted with grit, almost smokily cabaret. The nuances and inflection in her singing are connected deeply to flexible filaments of emotion.”

- Boston Hassle

“with vocals that sound like a banshee version of Amy Winehouse.”

- Rolling Stones


released February 22, 2021

Music composed & performed by Otay:onii
Lyrics & Painting by Otay:onii
Recorded in 2019 - 2020 at Studio in Ridgewood, Brooklyn NY
Mixed & Mastered by Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets
Design & Layout by ruò tán 若潭

© & ℗ WV Sorcerer Productions 2021
Instagram: @wv_sorcerer_productions


all rights reserved



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